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Are your files print ready?

A step by step guide
to properly preparing
your files for print.

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MVP Canadian Pride Pack

We're celebrating our clients
from the true north, strong and free. 
Show us your Canadian pride and win!

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Helping your buiness soar

We think you always deserve
first-class treatment, don't you?
National Paper Airplane Day is May 26.

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Offsetting our impact

See what changes we've made this past year
to ensure we are having as little impact
on the environment as possible.

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Colour profiles

Does colour confusion have you seeing red?
Don't be blue, we're here to help.
It's cyantifically proven!

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Digital vs. Offset

Clarifying the difference between 
the two process, helping you understand
which is better for your project.


Brochure folds

Get a visual on common brochure folds and
choose the best design for your project.
FREE templates available.

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What the * is a vector file

Different file types explained,
plus, why won't my facebook
photos print well?

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Celebrating 32 year

“I can honestly say I haven’t worked
very many days in my life,” says B.J.
“I really enjoy what I do.”

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Printing that's kind to our planet

Find out how we have reduced
our ecological footprint and still provide
you with a high-quality finished product

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Setting the mood

Mood boards help a designer stay focused 
and provide a visual representation to a client 
before work is done. Do you use mood boards?

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Add some sparkle

As one of the few print shops in the city 
that offer digital metallic inks, we can add some
affordable sparkle to your next project.

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Direct mail into the right hands

As our email inboxes and social media feeds 
become inundated, target mailings might be 
a great option for your business.

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