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Celebrating 32 years and “haven’t worked very many days”

While the print industry itself has greatly evolved since the fifteenth century when Johannes Gutenberg perfected movable type, Mountain View Printing & Graphics Ltd. has experienced quite a few changes as well since their incorporation.

More than three decades ago, Mountain View entered the world of printing as a small shop located in northwest Calgary. The company consisted of two full-time employees and “whatever family members we could get,” says B.J. Chandler, Co-owner/Partner of Mountain View Printing.

B.J. has been working in the print industry since he was 18 years old. Reflecting back, he is still grateful to his high school locker partner for introducing him to Graphic Communications, an option B.J. is happy he chose. “I can honestly say I haven’t worked very many days in my life,” says B.J. “I really enjoy what I do.”

In the beginning, Mountain View Printing & Graphics Ltd. consisted of three rebuilt ABDick offset presses, which were simple and inexpensive to operate. “We were busy and running all three at once,” says B.J.

One of the Press Operators was Gary Park. Over time, Gary worked his way from part time to full time, Press Operator to Production Manager to Sales Representative. When an opportunity to become Partner presented itself, Gary was eager to join B.J. “Gary and I have been going real strong ever since,” says B.J.

The majority of business used to consist of notepads and business cards. Today, presentation folders, high-quality annual reports, oversized signage, and pop-up banners are an every day job for the team at Mountain View. The change in demand required a change in process, and in order to meet the evolving needs of their clients, efficiencies were introduced. Efficiencies for the print industry meant automation. Machines that were once operated by levers had become completely computerized and automated. “When we bought the Heidelberg Printmaster we increased efficiencies by over 400%. We were able to do in one hour what we had been doing in four,” says B.J.

Over the years, as demands continued to change and increase, Mountain View adopted digital printing techniques. Now with four Xerox digital presses, they are able to facilitate the amount of work generated by their sales team, keep the cost affordable for the customer, and offer custom finishes, such as high gloss covering selected or entire areas, and sparkly metallic inks.

In September 2015, Keystone Graphics Ltd. joined Mountain View Printing & Graphics Ltd. Looking forward; business partners B.J. and Gary are excited to announce their expansion into a larger space at the same address. “We are continually building on what we have and are aiming to consistently increase sales,” says B.J. “We will keep looking for ways to improve our processes and gain more customers. Having more space will help because we can bring in more equipment to handle larger jobs.”

In the words of Zig Ziglar, successful salesman, author and motivational speaker, who is highly respected by B.J., “You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” And that’s what motivates the team at Mountain View Printing & Graphics Ltd. daily.

Whether it’s working together to figure out the best way to present an idea, meeting a tight deadline for printed materials, providing personalized customer service to fit the client’s needs, all while saving the client time and money, nothing is above and beyond for this full-service print company. “It’s just what we do,” says Gary.

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