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Be proud of your printing

The print industry can be tough on the environment, which is why we have taken steps to greatly reduce our ecological footprint. Anything printed by us is printing you can be proud of.

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We recycle everything from our paper and plastic production waste to beverage cans and bottles. All employees follow a strict in-office recycling program which means we recycle at the office the same way you should at home. In the office or in the shop, anything that can be recycled is.

Low Volatile Organic Compounds
All of our press chemicals are low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which do not require special treatment prior to disposal. Not only are our press chemicals safe for the environment, they do not jeopardize the health of our employees.


Plant-based inks
All of our offset press inks are canola and soy-based, as well as low VOCs.


Our digital press toner cartridges are refilled and whenever possible press parts are sent back to be refurbished instead of replaced.

Every day at Mountain View Printing & Graphics is Earth Day. Because we do everything we can to lessen our ecological footprint and provide a high-quality product, anything printed by us is printing you can be proud of.

Our Integrity In Your Peace of Mind.

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