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Setting the mood for Fashion with Compassion

Wanting to create a fresh new look for the 2016 Fashion with Compassion fundraiser, the team from Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation reached out to us at Mountain View Printing & Graphics Ltd.

After brainstorming together, we agreed:

1. To use a similar colour palette for the event as the foundation’s already established colours, rich oranges, purples, and greens. Doing so helps to associate the event with the organization
2. To create a stand-alone logo for the event, 2016 Fashion with Compassion
3. To incorporate butterflies. Butterflies have a very significant meaning in regards to cancer treatment and recovery, representing a transformation or rebirth, and
4. That the finished pieces should incorporate white space, creating a light, airy feel

The many requests were presented to in-house graphic designer Angela Mosco, who then created a mood board to review with our client.

A mood board is a collection of text, images, and colours all related to a design theme. As design concepts can sometimes be abstract and difficult to communicate effectively, a mood board helps both the designer and the client visualize the final look and feel of a design before starting on any specific projects.

After reviewing the mood boards together, we were able to finalize the foundation’s design vision for the event collateral and began working on the postcard (below) and poster. With a few minor tweaks to the first two projects, the look was finalized and approved making the process of coordinating additional materials more efficient moving forward.


Fashion with Compassion 2016 will showcase some of the latest trends in fall fashion, as well as the strong, determined, and beautiful individuals involved in supportive programming at the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation. Proceeds from this luncheon will support local programs and services for breast cancer patients.


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