The high-quality materials we produce for you come from experience. And our team certainly has plenty. If you know what you want, but you're not sure how to produce it, let's have a chat. Together we'll figure out a solution. It's that simple. Really.


BJ Chandler

Partner & Print Consultant

B.J. has been working in the print industry since he was 18 years old. Reflecting back, he is still grateful to his high school locker partner for introducing him to Graphic Communications, an option B.J. is happy he chose.

“I can honestly say I haven’t worked very many days in my life,” says B.J. “I really enjoy what I do.” B.J. loves coming to work each day because he gets to collaborate with so many great customers. He got into the printing biz because he always liked working with machines (We certainly have some cool ones!).

When he’s not helping customers envision their success through printing, he’s catching a great mystery play or planning a vacation with his family. He has three brothers who also work in the printing industry. Clearly, printing is a family business for him and Mountain View is like his brother from another mother.


Gary Park

 width=Partner & Print Consultant

Gary was born with ink in his blood as his Grandfather owned a print shop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

That same passion was inherited when he began working on the production floor of a small shop during high school, and he’s taken on just about every role since, from Press Operator to Production Manager to Sales Representative. When he says he’s seen it all, he means it. Gary’s hands-on experience makes him great at finding solutions to tricky problems. If your project seems impossible, Gary is the guy to talk to. He’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

When the opportunity to become B.J.’s partner at Mountain View Printing & Graphics Ltd. presented itself, Gary was eager. “Gary and I have been going strong every since,” says B.J.

If you do cross paths with Gary and thank him for a job well done, his response is often the same, “It’s just what we do” and he truly means it.


Doug Fletcher

 width=Print Consultant

His first sales job was helping his mom sell rubber stamps door to door. Shortly after graduating from university, Doug started learning the tricks of the printing trade while helping his dad with administrative tasks around the office. Thirty years later, he’s still in the printing business and has never looked back.

Today, Doug thrives on taking the monkey off of people’s backs. “We all answer to someone,” says Doug “and I want to make them look good to the people they answer to.” No wonder that after all these years, Doug's mom still thinks he's wonderful.

Troy Spankie

Troy Spankie

 width=General Manager

Troy was genetically wired to be in the printing industry. He and his two brothers all followed their dad’s lead, spending their entire careers around presses.

Since doing his apprenticeship more than 25 years ago with one of MVP’s owners, Gary Park, Troy has worked on pretty much every machine in the printing and finishing process, and there’s not one he can’t run or fix.

In addition to machines, Troy also loves working with people, loves a challenge and never sits still for very long. As a result, neither does our equipment.

When he’s not keeping our shop running smoothly, Troy enjoys camping, skiing, boating, golf and musical pursuits with his family.

Natalie Ritsc

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